Cyber Electra offers security technology solutions, architecture, design and implementation services to help your organization integrate a breadth of security technologies. By combining cutting-edge security technology solutions with our practical implementation experience, we add significant value to enhance your organization’s security and compliance posture.

SIEM Integration



Challenges you are dealing with: 

  • Detect anomalous network access
  • Spot compromised user accounts
  • Comply with regulatory requirements 
  • Report suspicious account activities
  • Prevent exfiltration & malware attacks
  • Identify risky services and devices


SIEM solution implementation helps you: 

  • Select most effective & affordable SIEM 
  • Architect and design the SIEM solution 
  • Install SIEM with correlation rules
  • Integrate SIEM with IT tool stack
  • Benefit skillset of certified SIEM SMEs 
PKI Tools




Challenges you are dealing with certificates:

  • Prevent outages due to cert expirations
  • Automate certificate issue & renewals 
  • Keep complete inventory of keys & certs
  • Identify devices with digital certificates
  • Verify digitally signed firmware & software 
  • Centralize certificate management


Certificate management solution helps you:

  • Architect & design security controls throughout the lifecycle of IT and IoT assets
  • Implement Keyfactor command certificate management & Keyfactor control secure IoT device identity solutions
  • Provide on-site certified cryptography and Keyfactor solution SME


DLP implementation



Challenges you are dealing with: 

  • Gain visibility in sensitive data 
  • Prevent data exfiltration
  • Stop endpoints & email data misuse
  • Monitor and respond to insider threats 
  • Prevent lateral movement
  • Detect inappropriate user activities


DLP solution implementation helps you:

  • Select most effective & affordable DLP
  • Design and architect the DLP solution 
  • Install DLP with best policy templates
  • Integrate DLP solution with IT tool stack
  • Leverage skills of certified DLP SMSs 
ASRTM Cyber Electra



Challenges you’re dealing with Threat Modelling:

  • Seek protection rather than cure
  • Identify threats early in SDLC
  • Spot design flaws that other tools can’t find
  • Automate manual risk assessment process
  • Bridge gap between security & DEV teams 
  • Include security requirements in SDLC


Threat Modeling implementation helps you:

  • Implement ThreatModeller and SD Elements tools to emphasize security early in SDLC
  • Integrate ThreatModeller and SD Elements with IT and security tool stack
  • Provide Threat modelling and application security requirements training and resources 


Security Testing tools



Challenges you are dealing with: 

  • Detect vulnerabilities early in SDLC
  • Reduce remediation time and cost 
  • Automate security testing activities 
  • Manage risk in vendor applications
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Manage open source software licenses


AppSec tool implementation helps you:

  • Select most effective AppSec tools
  • Automate security testing with SAST, DAST, RASP, OSS security tools
  • Integrate tools with CI/CD pipeline 
  • Manage software security & compliance
BitSight Vendor Risk Scoring




Challenges you’re dealing with vendor risk:

  • Automate supplier risk assessments
  • Obtain consistent vendor risk ratings 
  • Receive automated notifications upon changes in vendor risk ratings 
  • Make vendor selection and RFP process based on facts instead of feelings 


Vendor & provider security risk assessment technology implementation helps you:

  • Continuously monitor vendors’ & suppliers’ security posture 
  • Implement BitSight vendor and service provider security risk scoring technology
  • Provide BitSight training and integration services with other tools