Cyberelectra board cybersecurity guidance
Cyber Electra Security Architecture
Security Testing tools

AppSec Maturity Assessment

We conduct application security maturity assessment to identify security, privacy and compliance related gaps. We use industry-wide accepted BSIMM and Open SAMM methodologies to conduct SDLC maturity assessment and provide a detailed report that shows the identified gaps and recommendations to close them as part of an Application Security program and road map.

Application Security Standard

We develop Application Security Policy and Standards to set the tone of your organization in securing SDLC activities. We use industry-wide accepted SDLC guidelines and frameworks (ISO, NIST, OWASP) along with SDLC compliance mandates (PCI DSS, SOX, GDPR) to develop Application Security Policy and Standard tailored to your organization.

AppSec Process and Procedures

We develop process and procedures around securing application development practices (mobile, web, API, web services, open source software etc.) tailored specifically to meet your organization’s requirements.

Application Security Metrics

We develop application security metrics to allow you measure application security posture against security, privacy and compliance requirements.

Application Security Training

We provide on-site and remote application security training, awareness, and lunch & learn sessions.

Secure SDLC Framework

We use SABSA, TOGAF, OWASP and Threat Modeling frameworks and practices to develop Application Security Architecture Framework.

AppSec Design Patterns

We develop application security design patterns.

Secure Coding Guidelines

We develop secure coding guidelines specific to programming languages and platforms used in your environments.

Application Security Requirements

We develop baseline application security requirements and also automate generating tailored unique application security requirements for each project.

Application Threat Modelling

We conduct manual and automated application threat modelling to identify design vulnerabilities.

Automated static code review

We provide people-process-technology to perform automated code reviews.

Open Source Software Scan

We provide OSS scans.

DAST, IAST, and RASP testing

We perform Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), Interactive AppSec Testing (IAST), and Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP).

DevSecOps Implementation

We implement automated application security testing tools in DevOPS CI/CD pipeline.

Penetration Testing

We perform comprehensive penetration testing on web applications, APIs, web services, mobile applications, Internet of Things devices, POS systems and legacy systems.