While data volumes are growing exponentially, the liability and risk in data security and privacy is increasing as data is flowing through multiple channels within internal and external ecosystems. Many organizations have challenges in answering the following data security related questions:


√   What is your organization’s vision, strategy and guiding principles around data security? 

√   How well does your organization understand the data flow and have a “data map” that shows holistic view of business critical data?

√   Who are the data owners responsible and accountable for confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the sensitive data?

√   What are the data creation, storage, utilization, retention, destruction processes around business critical data?


If you have similar data security challenges, Cyber Electra helps you:


√   Define the enterprise vision for data security and data security principles that supports the vision

√   Implement processes, tools and techniques required to support security governance and administration of enterprise data management program

√   Create an inventory of data asset and identify processes for maintaining the inventory with roles, responsibility and accountabilities

√   Develop a data security architecture framework and road map