Cyber Electra provides people-process-technology support around five core cybersecurity functions with highly specialized certified information security personnel: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.

Identify – We help organizations identify which systems, assets, data, and capabilities need to be protected. Our specialized identification teams identify vulnerabilities and threats for each asset by performing risk assessment process. During the identification, we help create well designed and documented cybersecurity governance practices that include security, privacy and compliance aspects.


Industry regulations such as PCI DSS and HIPAA require companies to identify and record software and hardware assets. We deliver IT asset management tools and programs that allow your organization to maintain an accurate, documented IT environment outlining software and hardware assets and data owners. This will not only help pinpointing risk and security issues but also address noncompliance with software license agreements.

      √  Develop asset management strategy, asset management policy, standards, and procedures along with clear roles and responsibilities

      √  Implement asset management tools and processes to effectively identify all technology hardware and software assets

      √  Create an asset inventory that captures asset ownership, location of the asset, type, value, contractual status etc.

      √  Identify, remediate, monitor and report risk, utilization, efficiency, availability, and reliability for each asset

      √  Establish and document asset compliance and maintenance status to meet legal and regulatory obligations

 ♦ Identify all hardware and software assets in IT environment ♦ Launch automated continuous hardware and software scans
 ♦ Create software and hardware asset inventory  ♦ Perform in-depth penetration testing for critical assets
 ♦ Update the asset inventory with identified assets ♦ Conduct threat modelling to identify threats for critical assets
 ♦ Locate unauthorized and orphaned assets  ♦ Implement Network Access Control (NAC) technology
Contact us to discuss how we can contribute to your IT Access Management Program with our professional asset management people-process-technology services.


Risk based approach of managing information systems is a mandatory activity that needs to be fully integrated into every aspect of the organization. Our cybersecurity risk teams help you develop and implement Risk Management Framework, Risk Appetite, Risk Assessment, Risk Monitoring, Risk Treatment, Risk Exception, and Risk Acceptance artifacts. Learn more about Cyber Security Risk Management service and technologies. Cyber Electra provide insight into your organization’s exposure to cyber risk and measure your preparedness to respond and handle security incidents. We guarantee improving your organization’s cyber security and compliance posture while reducing the cost of managing security risk and penalties of non-compliance with the following services:

  √  Develop risk management policy, risk appetite statement, and risk management framework with clearly defined people-process-technology aspects 

  √  Establish risk assessment mandate and commitment with the integration of legal and regulatory compliance requirements

  √  Conduct Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) according to established risk management framework, cyber security risk analysis and risk estimation methodology

  √  Treat the identified risk with risk reduction, risk retention, risk avoidance, and risk transfer techniques

  √  Develop risk acceptance document and risk acceptance sign-off procedures while socializing the risk artifacts with all lines of businesses

  √  Provide hand-on training to internal and external teams on risk assessment, risk advisory, risk remediation, and business risk reporting

  √  Assess vendor and supplier risk and provide continuous risk reporting with automated risk management reporting tools


Cyber Electra offers end-to-end vulnerability management as a service program from identification to remediation of vulnerabilities. Our vulnerability management team helps you implement an effective vulnerability management program that includes software and hardware vulnerability identification, prioritization, and remediation activities.Learn more about how we can help you establish a vulnerability management program.

  √  Develop vulnerability management policy, standard, and vulnerability management framework with clearly defined people, process, technology ingredients

  √  Establish vulnerability management mandate and commitment with the integration of legal and regulatory compliance requirements

  √  Implement automated vulnerability management tools to provide consistent and accurate holistic enterprise vulnerability view from single pane of glass

  √  Conduct vulnerability scanning for servers, endpoints, databases, web applications, cloud components by orchestrating vulnerability remediation activities 

  √  Perform false positive vulnerability findings removal with intelligent analysis of infrastructure and application ecosystems

  √  Define vulnerability reporting templates, vulnerability reporting communication and status update process and procedures

  √  Prioritize vulnerability remediation activities according to well-defined vulnerability categorization framework to remediate vulnerabilities within prescribed timeliness

  √  Provide hands-on training to internal teams on vulnerability management, vulnerability assessment, vulnerability remediation, and vulnerability reporting 


We are the leading provider of security products and services that help boards develop, implement and maintain a cyber security governance framework and program.

  √  Develop cyber security governance policy, standards, security framework, security roadmap and organizational cyber security roles and responsibilities

  √  Conduct information security training and awareness programs tailored to your organization’s specific cybersecurity challenges

  √  Design information security metrics to measure the effectiveness of the cyber security program and information security controls

  √  Implement cybersecurity technologies to support the security road map in alignment with business priorities, privacy, security and compliance drivers 

Protect – We develop and implement appropriate security controls, prioritized through the organization’s risk management process to protect sensitive assets and data. Along the protection process, we provide hands-on security awareness and training services, security protection technology implementation and tuning, and security personnel augmentation services to support security protection activities.


Organizations should be able to demonstrate transparently how they are protecting data and ensuring privacy to earn the trust of their customers, users, partners and employees. Cyber Electra provides following data security services:

 √  Data security policy and standard development: Clearly defined people, process, and technology aspects to govern business data

 √ Data security framework development: Industry wide accepted framework with data taxonomy, data types, data classification, data access levels, and data related role

 √  Data discovery & monitoring: Identification of where and how data is used and stored across endpoints and servers

 √  Data protection technology selection & implementation: Uncovering, analyzing and visualizing data-related policy violations and notifying users with cutting-edge data protection technologies

 √  Data inventory & data loss protection: Management of data loss policies, workflow, remediation, administration and reporting

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Cyber Electra IAM team provides the people, processes, and technology required to provide secure access to systems and applications. We offer specialized IAM guidance tailored to your needs as well as core services including:

  √  Identity Access Management policy and standard development with clearly defined roles and responsibilities

  √  Identity Access Management framework and road map development with clearly defined IAM programs

  √  Provisioning and de-provisioning service and technology selection and implementation

  √  Integrated reporting around user access Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

  √  Automation of password management services – self-service password reset, password synchronization, forgotten password etc.

  √  Privileged User Management – architecture, design and implementation support for privileged access management process and technologies

Learn more about our IAM service and technologies.


Cyber Electra provides cybersecurity technology implementation services including security architecture, design, security project management, testing and implementation resources to ensure security technologies are implemented in a timely and secure manner. We help your organization to select and implement the following protection technologies:

  √  Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

  √  Network Access Control (NAC)

  √  Vulnerability Management

  √  User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA)

  √  Microsegmentation

  √  Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

  √  DevSecOps

  √  Application Security (SAST, DAST, Open Source Software Security Scans)

  √  Container security

  √  Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

  √  Risk Management (Vendor / supplier risk management, risk assessment)

  √  Identity Access Management – Privileged Access Management

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We provide role based security training programs tailored to your specific needs. We offer both on-site and CBT based awareness and training programs as well as lunch & learn session of your favourite security topics.

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Detect – Our certified information security personnel help organizations to detect security anomalies and events by implementing detective security controls, processes and technologies.


Cyber Electra provides people, process and technology support to proactively detect and mitigate security anomalies and events. Our certified security teams provide the following security anomaly and event detection service and technologies:

√  Security information event management (SIEM) – 

     We can bring in the best and most cost-effective SIEM technology or tame your existing SIEM solution to maximize the value  

        •  Collect, process, and store log data in a central location to detect threats

        •  Implement SIEM technologies and provide 24x7x365 support for the installation and operation of the SIEM

        •  Simplify and sharpen your existing SIEM solution to get the maximum value out of it with smart rule and correlations

√  User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA, UBA)

       Cyber Electra helps your organization track all users and entities to detect anomalous behaviour resulting from insider threats

        •  Detect insider threats              •  Detect compromised accounts   

        •  Detect brute force attack        •  Detect super user creation

Contact us to learn more about our cybersecurity event detection services.


Cyber Electra provides people-process-technology services to achieve 24/7 security monitoring to detect the security incidents. Contact us to learn more about our security monitoring services.


Cyber Electra partners with cutting edge Detective Technology providers to help enhance your organization’s security posture. Contact us to learn more about cybersecurity detective technologies.


We develop process and procedures for the security detection technologies that you might have and fine-tune the detection rules by providing just-in-time security detection trainings. Contact us to learn more about our security detection process services.

Respond We develop and implement process and technology to respond a detected cybersecurity event. Our incident response team, combined with our global network, provide the response support you need in a timely manner.


Cyber Electra develops cybersecurity response planning conforming to regulatory requirements based on industry accepted framework and standards. Contact us to learn more about our information security response planning services.


Cyber Electra provides confidential Incident analysis services conforming Incident Response mandatory requirements for the organizations. Contact us to learn more about our cyber security incident analysis services.


Cyber Electra’s certified Incident response team provides implementation services for incident response technologies. Contact us to learn more about our incident response technology services.


Cyber Electra provides Incident Response Mitigation Techniques implementation and training services to prevent incidents and reduce cybersecurity risk. Contact us to learn more about our incident response mitigation technique services.

Recover – Our security recovery specialized team help organizations to restore the appropriate capabilities that were disrupted through a cybersecurity incident.


Cyber Electra provides information security recovery planning services to help your organization recover normal business activities quickly from a cyber security incident. Contact us to learn more about our incident recovery planning services.


Cyber Electra provides design, architecture and process implementation guidance to align Incident response activities with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery processes. Contact us to learn more about our BCDR services.


Cyber Electra provides cutting-edge Incident Recovery technologies. Contact us to learn more about incident recovery technologies that we implement.


Cyber Electra develops incident recovery process and procedures based on industry accepted framework and standards. Contact us to learn more about incident recovery process services.